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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2312 - 2315

 2312. What this was all leading up to perhaps by now you have guessed. Coromo was in the process of deciding to take a weeks vacation and make a trip to New York City. In actuality he had no good reason to go there, and yet he had many different reasons. The first was his Grandmother’s admonition to see the world, and the second had to do with a desire to seek out his paintings and see who had them and how there were doing.

 2313. It was as though his pictures had preceded him out into the larger world, and he had a desire to go find them and pay them a visit. He was like a parent who wants to visit his children who have move to a big city and set up on their own. 

 2314. This was his desire, but the math did not add up. If he combined his Grandmother’s money with his credit card balance it looked to him that he could just manage the trip, but only if didn’t run into any unexpected expenses.

2315. Unexpected expenses? Have you ever had the good fortune to make a trip to some foreign country either for work or as a vacation? Did you run into any unexpected expenses? I know for a fact, whom ever you are, that you ran into unexpected expenses. Those extra expenses begin the very moment you get into the taxi to go to the airport. The brochure you read said sixty dollars, but it was out of date and it is now ninety dollars.

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