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Friday, October 11, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2284 - 2287

 2284. The world he lived in consisting of his small village and the resort did not offer much of a stimulus to his imagination as a place to expend his imaginary two thousand dollars, and the internet he looked at in the lounge of the resort was not a factor either. It was the newspapers and magazines in the resort lounge that were the source of what now became a kind of shopper’s  obsession for him.

 2285. In the resort lounge were about a dozen magazines of the sort which are 99% advertisements for cars, expensive clothing, women’s shoes, and marvelous kitchen appliances set in kitchens the size of football fields in which it would be possible to prepare meals for the fans of a football game. Many of these magazines had advertisement with dogeared pages, marked for reference.

 2286. These dogeared pages had been put there by Coromo. He was interested in a certain pair of shoes that cost $125, and a shirt on sale for only $40 listed in a catalogue from a company called Land’s End. The Land’s End catalogue was two years old, so he was not sure if the shirt would be still on sale after all this time.

2287. An old J. Crew catalogue also interested him, and I have to say that if you looked at the thirty or forty pages he had marked there, you would have gotten the impression that Coromo had good and very expensive taste in clothing. As a matter of fact, it you could have dressed Coromo up in the various articles of clothing he liked and took a few pictures of him, he might have been a candidate for a job as a model.

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