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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grandmother parts 2252 - 2255

 2252. As devout as she was she never went to church and had a very antagonistic attitude toward churches in general. When she was very young she went through a period where she would attend church constantly, but at some point her attitude changed completely. She became very agitated sitting in the congregation and would even mutter to herself.

 2253. She was only thirteen at the time, but she started to have her own peculiar ideas about God, Jesus, the Saints, and church doctrine. At first she kept her ideas to herself, but before her fourteenth birthday she had an altercation with our preacher and he had to expel her from the congregation. 

 2254. She told me once, although I am sure she never told anyone else, that it was at that time she began to hear voices. She did not phrase it in that exact way, but I suppose that is what it really was. To her it was God speaking to her. This god of hers would interrupt her about mundane things, correct her behavior, and even criticize her spelling and punctuation when she was in school.

2255. When I asked her how she knew it was not her own voice she said disingenuously, “God is always using words I don’t understand, and I have to look them up in the dictionary. Sometimes I can’t spell the words, but he helps me by sounding them out phonetically, and making me guess at the spelling.” 

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