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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2300 - 2303

 2300. Like an eight year old, who interjects a comment into his parents abstruse conversation and the parents suddenly observe that their child has some sort of neophyte understand of their world, so Coromo at times took the liberty to interject his own comments into the guests conversations, making observations about the German bond market, or the decisions of the Conservative Party in Great Britain.

 2301. Obviously he could not follow up such observations with any further analysis or comment, it was just like a person who knows no Italian saying, “Bongiorno,” knowing only that it is a greeting of some sort, but having no idea that buon means good, and giorno means morning. Such a person might say “Boungorno,” to a group of Italians in the middle of the night, and be puzzled by their confusion.

 2302. On the other hand there was the travel section. Unlike the news sections, the travel section was as clear as day, and easy to understand in every respect. Gone were the qualifiers in the texts, and if a location was describes as “quaint,” or “Rustic,” the writer never attempted to modify the observation with contradictory insinuations such as “rat infested.” If a location was recommended as the best for late season skying, no somber second voice interjected any contradiction.

 2303. The positive laudatory, gushing superlatives doled out about this or that location were only exceeded by the splendid advertisements that explained to the reader in no uncertain terms that there were locations of a divine nature, overflowing with every amenity out there in the world somewhere.

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