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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2244 - 2247

 2244. What she wanted, although she knew it was unlikely, was that Coromo should follow in her footsteps and take over her practice when she died. She hoped that when Coromo saw how much money she had made, and thought about how important her work in the community was, he would mend his ways and give up the picture painting before it was too late.

 2245. With this in mind she began her lecture with the words, “Coromo I want you to see the world...” You will notice that the foregoing phrase ends with three periods, rather than the usual full stop. It ends this way because her phrase was incomplete. If she had been able, she wanted to say...

 2246. She wanted to say, “Coromo I want you to see the world the way I see the world. I want you to realize that the village you were born in and in which you grew up is larger and grander that any other place in the world. Our village is just as big as you are able to make it in your own mind.”

2247. To find any fault with our village and to look elsewhere for fulfillment in your life is not any measure of the smallness of our village, but only an expression of the smallness of your own mind, and since your mind is not a small one, you will always find contentment right here at home.

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