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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2260 - 2263

 2260. For Grandmother, therefore,  faith was the currency of the un-believer and of no interest to her. As I said when I first mentioned her, she consulted her God about what to have for lunch, and was happy to take His  advice, and always consulted Him about matters small and large. Here are her exact words about her ideas, as I can’t say it any better.

 2261. She summed it up in this way, “When I go to sit in a chair, I do not pray that the chair be there, it’s there its there. And if the chair not be there, I will be sure to fall on my dairy-air.” For Grandmother, God was just as evident as her kitchen table.

 2262. Since Grandmother had direct access to her God by way of conversation, just like Joan of Ark and other famous mystics and visionaries, it meant that the various questions that arise in peoples minds about God or the after life never bothered her because she was able to find out  answers to any questions of that sort by simply consulting the voices in her head

2263. Needless to say this put her at odds with all of the Doctors of the church who have, from time immemorial, been spinning out their theories and assumptions about what this or that Bible passage really means. Grandmother had no such unanswered questions.

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