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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dog Astronomy, parts 4336 - 4339

 4336. After a while I noticed that the sun was even more similar to myself than I had at first thought. 

 4337. When I go to sleep I do not always manage to flop down in exactly the same spot, and soon I noticed that the sun did not set in exactly the same place every night, but sometimes sat down just to the right hand side of the pine tree in the backyard.

 4338. A few weeks later, to my great surprise, I noticed that the sun started to avoid the pine tree, and was going down well to the right of it every evening.

 4339. Why the sun started to avoid the tree I had no idea, but it seem to strike up an acquaintance with a barn nearby, and so it was the barn that kept the sun company when it settled down for the night.

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