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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4304 - 4307

4304. “Rome is neither ephemeral or supernatural, it is simply a large city located due South of us, and can be reached with about a month of travel, but we will never get there using your method,” said Remo.

4305. Otis was a wolf who was not used to being contradicted, especially not by some little greyhound dog that he presumed knew nothing of the world. To Otis, Remo was simply a walking liability he was tolerating because of his talents and the Rooster.

4306. One can look at this conversation as simply a minor disagreement about the trio’s travel plans but it was much more than that. Remo was suggesting that all of Otis’ beliefs were silly, and not to be taken seriously.

4307. Even for Otis to continue the conversation became impossible, and he just stuttered some half finished phrases, and fell silent which was not his usual behavior.

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