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Friday, March 27, 2015

Leon, parts 4400 - 4403

 4400. Leon thought about this question for a while and then said. “It is a big place full of cats, it is where the cats live and it is a very large place full of old falling down stone buildings. 

 4401. The cats run everything and so nothing ever gets done there. But to give you an idea what it is like, you just have to picture one of those villages whose folk come out in the evenings to watch our dogfights.

 4402. If it were possible to push thousand of those villages together at the same time, and in such a big mass that you could never walk from one end of it to another, then you would have the same thing as the city of Rome.

 4403. At one time dogs ran the city and then it was a different matter. Everything was perfect. The streets were clean, all the sewers worked, the fountains, fed by the aqueducts, brought clean water everywhere, and so all the dog bowls were full of fresh water at all times.

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