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Monday, March 30, 2015

Leon, parts 4412- 4415

 4412. Added support was needed at the knees of the sculptures when they found that freestanding dog-less marble sculpture tended to break off just below the knees, even in a slight breeze. 

 4413. The fragility of stone sculpture below the knees has been known from time immemorial but the traditional method to deal with this fault was to lean the leg against a tree limb, or something like that.

 4414. The fact that Constantine was seen so often leaning his leg against a dog should provide proof positive that there was such a supporting dog, because otherwise a tree limb or some other animal might have been used such as a lion to denote strength or kingship.

4415. I know that there are many scholars that point out that there is not a single marble sculpture in existence that shows Constantine standing next to a dog, but that proves nothing at all.

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