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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dog Astronomy, parts 4380 - 4383

 4380. Beyond that miniature landscape in Remo’s mind there is nothing, nothing at all. Not monsters, not foreign lands with fabulous beasts, not a nameless void, but simply nothingness beyond the eternal boundary of the beautiful finite world as perfect as a cut ruby.

 4381. But Remo suddenly had to accept that the world was not like a Renaissance painting of the mind. He had wandered too far away from home, and now he was lost. He had entered another realm, a realm in which the sun did not set where it was supposed to set, and therefore, he could put his trust in nothing.   

4382. Remo, Otis and the Rooster were not about to figure out if the things Remo had said about the setting of the sun were true or false. Remo know he was correct, but only about his own backyard. As for the rest of the world, he had no idea what strange laws governed things.

  4383. He grew silent, felt embarrassed, and accepted his place in the trio as the least of the members, even though the fact was, he was the one who knew the most.

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