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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4295 - 4298

  4295. Now, he was amazed to discover that they believed completely simpleminded ideas about how to get from one place to another. What was he to think? He thought what Otis had said about Divine guidance to be idiotic, but he found himself unable to say anything about it. 

 4296. As I said before Otis was a pagan, and pagan notions formed the basis of his thinking, but as you also might remember, Remo was not a pagan, but a Christian dog. It is true that Christian dogs and pagan wolves have similar bizarre ideas about getting directions and avoiding accidents.

 4297. The connection exists because, as everybody knows, Christianity is simply a distorted and confused simplification of Pagan concepts. Otis and Remo were actually quite similar in their religious beliefs and practices.

 4298. Remo’s objection to Otis’ method of travel came from the fact that he could see quite clearly that they were getting nowhere, and would never get anywhere, because weeks went by and they were just going around in circles.

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