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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dog Astronomy, parts 4340 - 4343

 4340. But the sun seemed to be unable to maintain any relationships for very long, after a while she stopped visiting the barn, left the barn behind and began to visit a large field of wheat. 

 4341. It was during the few weeks that the sun was going down in the wheat field that I first began to form a suspicion that the sun was on some kind of very slow journey, from one place to another.

 4342. The slowness of the suns journey across the wheat field from one side to the other, was simply unbelievable. The sun moves much slower that a turtle or a snail, and actually, if you did not know it was moving, you would think it is perpetually standing still.

 4343. This is not to say that the sun doesn’t move across the sky in an almost noticeable way. If you look at it for a few minutes it certainly seems to be stand still, but when you look back a few hours later it will be in a completely different place.

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