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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Leon, parts 4396 - 4399

 4396. He hopes the victim will be able to understand that, although he must kill him, in his heart he feels no malice, and even would wish him well, if such a wish was not absurd. 

 4397. So, even though Otis almost ended the life of Leon, they fell to talking about various things of interest to dogs and roosters, but at one point the Rooster said, “Leon do you happen to know what Rome is.”

 4398. “Yes,” replied Leon, “it is a city some distance from here, on the other side of the Alps. I have been taken there on numerous occasions for the fights.”

 4399. “Alright then,” said Remo, “could you please tell us what a city is, we would very much like to know?”

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