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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4328 - 4331

 4328. He took no stock in astrology, as you might well imagine, since he has no patience with the superstitious practices he companions had been using to guide their travels.

 4329. Although Remo did not know which direction was South, if he had known, he was in possession of some ideas which would have allowed the trio to progress in one consistent direction.

 4330. If they started out going South, he would have been able to keep them on the right track, if only the sky was not overcast, and the stars were visible.  

 4331. He tried to explain to Otis and the Rooster how it was that one could travel always in one direction, by using the placement of the sun in the daytime, and the stars at night. The entire idea struck Otis, and even the Rooster as preposterous and they were unable to conceal their disbelief.

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