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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dog Astronomy, parts 4364 - 4367

 4364. If you have been reading this manuscript from the beginning then you might perhaps remember that birds also have universal memory and consciousness. 

 4365. Since it has not been mentioned for so long in these stories, I will refresh your memory about that subject. Universal consciousness means that all birds can share the same experiences, and what one bird sees and feels, they can all experience at the same time.

 4366. Universal memory refers to the fact that what one bird remembers, they can all remember. Therefore, bird memories are eternal, and what one bird experienced a thousand years ago, can be remembered by any pigeon, or sparrow that happens to land on your birdbath.

 4367. All of those skills add up to a formidable collection of information, but bird information is entirely empirical, and made up of accumulated experiences, and is devoid of any kind of experimentation.

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