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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Leon, parts 4408 - 4411

 4408. The conversion of the dogs of Rome from Paganism to Christianity happened precisely when you would guess, the date being 325 AD. 

 4409. It was about that time the Constantine the Great ordered the toleration of the Christian sect at the Council of Nicea. Up until that time, as you know, they had been fed to the lions in the amphitheaters of the empire.

 4410. Constantine had a dog named Rufus, a very famous and influential dog, know to everyone from the frequent statues of the emperor where his dog is always depicted standing next to the Emperor leaning his head against his knee. 

4411. No attention should be paid to those who claim that there was no such dog named Rufus, and that Rufus was only put into the sculptures because the Emperor’s legs were skinny. 

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