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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aunt Jemima's Paintings, parts 520 - 523

520. Dennis went back to painting birds and wildlife, and his sojourn into abstract expressionism had no effect on him.

521. I presumed Aunt Jemima, the cleaning lady, would not know what Buboni was talking about with all his hyperbole comparing abstract painting to scribbling, and his dissertation on the relationship between doodling and cell structures, but  I was shocked to realize she understood completely, and even added to Buboni's lecture.

522. Aunt Jemima said, "I know just what you mean Arnold, take for example when I wax the hospital floors with the big waxing machine, the process is just like a big doodle, the machine goes left and right in big circles and the patterns on the floor are a repeat pattern over and over again.

523. But with the mop and the bucket it is a different matter. The use of the mop is just like scribbling, as Dr. Buboni was saying; when you are pushing the mop back and forth anything can happen, you might suddenly veer off to the upper right in a big arc, or suddenly do a few short strokes in the lower left hand corner. Moping the floor can be passionate and invigorating, but waxing with the machine is deadly monotonous.

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