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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dennis Bezanowitz, parts 516 - 519

516. Nevertheless, I side with the scribble over the doodle every time. Better the false hope of the scribble, especially the scribble that rips through the restraints of the paper, better that than monotonous doodles of time killing boredom.

517. Two weeks later the fake Kline abstractions Dennis painted showed up, nailed to the wall of the Coffee Shop. Actually they were not nailed to the wall, but screwed to the wall with black Philips screws. I was ashamed and embarrassed by the paintings. If Dennis had set out to make fun of the coffee shop owner he succeeded.

518. But the coffee shop owner loved the paintings and commissioned Dennis to do a series of paintings for his home. He wanted three cubist Picasso's, one more Kline, and two Jackson Pollock's, one for over the couch, and another for the den in the basement.

519. But it didn't matter anyway because a few months later our coffee shop closed its doors, the owner saying, "Everyone came once, drank an espresso, and never came back again, it just didn't catch on"

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