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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dennis Bezanowitz, parts 496 - 499

496. Dennis did the decorations for the Prom, he did all the lettering for diplomas, and every year he had to create countless posters and advertisements with images and lettering for various campaigns when the students ran for office to the student council, or for class president.

497. In his senior year he discovered the painting "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth and this transformed his life. Not since his days throwing baseballs at the playground fence and dreaming of being a pitcher for the Yankees was he so motivated. He went to the art supply store and purchased his first triple-0 paint brush, and twelve different shades of brown paint.

498. In his last year of high school he began to do highly detailed watercolors of birds, and it became his speciality.  He would spend many hours putting in all the tiny lines of the feathers, and sometimes these watercolors were purchased by hunting magazines, and used in their advertisements. I went off to college, and he started working days at a fast food restaurant.

499. It was 1962, a different world and time. I was at NYU, with a liberal arts major and I often went to shows at the galleries. Out in the street were ban the bomb protesters, in Penn Central ragged men held up signs telling us the end of the world was coming, Kennedy was president, Warhol was showing his soup can paintings, Kline and Pollock were famous and dead already, but when I went back home for vacation, everything was unchanged as if set in stone.

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