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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coromo, parts 536 - 539

536. One of my cousins named Coromo was an especially popular waiter. He became very friendly with three American woman who asked him if he knew of any place in the area where they could rent horses for an afternoon excursion.  So it happened that he went horseback riding with the women up into the hills, along paths that ran between the resort, and our village.

537. These women were all excellent riders with years of experience, three sisters all raised on a horse farm in Vermont. They were not the usual timid women, terrified of the locals,  scared to death of anything outside the walls of the resort. They were bold and fearless happy healthy souls, intent on having a good time, and seeing some of the real world. I remember my cousin saying to me, "The bitches were not afraid of bugs even, never seen the like."

538. Coromo went off horseback riding with the women, and it all sounds very exciting, but he did not know anything about horses other that what he had seen on TV at the resort, but since he had a lot of self confidence he did just fine, deceiving his horse into thinking he was in control, when actually he had no idea what he was doing any more than a seven year old driving a car.

539. But as luck would have it, Coromo's horse was startled by a chipmunk that ran across the path, and when the horse lurched to the side, he smacked his head on a tree branch, and fell unconscious on the ground.

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