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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dennis Bezanowitz, parts 488 - 491

488. The entire time we were talking about Buboni's childhood, the old woman who called herself Aunt Jemima, the cleaning lady and night staff person at the hospital, was listening intently to the conversation. I was surprised at this. It seemed to me that a cleaning lady from some third world country would have little interest in art or art history but I was wrong.

489. "Tell me Mr. Buboni dear," Aunt Jemima said, "What ever happened to the boy who could draw Donald Duck, did he become a great artist when he grew up, and go to work for Disney Land?"

490. "Far from it", said Buboni. "The boy who could draw Donald Duck did go on to become an artist when he grew up, but we all knew things would not turn out well for him back in grade school. The problem with him was that he had no appreciation of his talent. His name was Dennis Bezanowitz."

491. Even though Dennis could draw all the Disney characters with his eyes shut, his great ambition in life was to be a professional baseball player. Specifically, he wanted to be a pitcher for the Yankees. For him this was not just a day dream, but something he worked at with great determination.

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