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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Buboni Resurrected, parts 480 - 483

480. And now consider Warhol's Brillo boxes. In 1964 Andy Warhol created a number of gigantic Brillo Boxes and whatever art collector purchased those boxes was not planning to wash gigantic sinks with huge Brillo pads.

481. And later when he was painting those huge labels from the soup cans, those paintings were never intended to be used, by gluing them to gigantic cans of soup.

482. Sarah wrote,  the theory of Destructivism is alive and well, and can be usefully applied  to many aspects of contemporary art, but she also addressed the Buboni scandal, taking it one point at a time. 'The Raphael painting that he made so much of turned out to be a copy by students, and not the original, so what.' She wrote.

483. When a person writes about a painting and its color relationships, they are not referring to the actual color on the specific canvas, but rather to the idea of the colors as they exist, juxtaposed in the mind. This being so, a photograph will suffice to illustrate an idea, and if that photograph were of a museum facsimile, it would make no difference.

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