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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buboni Resurrected, parts 464 - 467

464. "Are you divorced?" the Duck Inquired. "I would rather not talk about it." I replied.

465. "Perhaps we should change the subject," said the Duck, noticing that I was getting ill at ease with the conversation even though I had brought it upon myself. "I have some good news for Buboni, something no one would have thought possible. His theories are being talked about in Paris, and he does not even know anything about it."

466. The Duck had some very strange and remarkable information for Buboni. During the night he was doing research on his ipad and he got it into his head to look up Sarah Meyers, the woman who had owned Nani, my 2CV. He came across Sarah's facebook page and sent her a "friend" request.

467. He knew it was the same Sarah Meyers because on her facebook page she mentioned studying at the Sorbonne.  Her page had a picture of the 2CV, and, oddly enough, a picture of the auto mechanic, the one who explained to her how to check the transmission oil.

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