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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Buboni Resurrected, parts 476 - 479

476. I am especially interested in his Theory of Destructivism, and I did a term paper on the subject, the title of which was "Destructivism Theory applied to Art after the Armory Show."

477. Sarah wrote: I will not bore you with the entire paper but here is the introduction and some of the high points. I hope you will give my regards to Doctor Buboni.

478. From Sarah Meyers paper on Buboni: This theory has not been applied to modern art by its author because he feels that the past century, devoted so much to 'art for art's sake' falls outside the parameters of the theory, but there are notable exceptions.

479. Take for example Duchamp's urinal. The urinal is highly regarded as a seminal work of art, but very few people would be tempted to enter the Philadelphia Museum of Art and relieve themselves in it. The urinal is a perfect example of Destructivism. It can only be considered art if it transcends its original purpose.

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