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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coromo, parts 544 - 547

544. Coromo had a grandmother who had raised him, a very devout Christian woman who put the fear of God and eternal damnation into him, added to that was the fact he never in his life had been alone with a woman for any length of time, and the entire situation, compounded by his concussion, threw him into profound confusion.

545. Here is what Coromo told me about it. "That woman and I were alone up there in the woods for four nights, because the other sisters got completely lost in the forest, and were only rescued later with the help of helicopters, and search parties."

546. "The first night it got so cold that we had to use each other for blankets, and even with the blankets it was still very hard to get to sleep. Thankfully Grandmother's teachings helped me get through the night, but I didn't really fall asleep until five in the morning."

547. "The following day"  Coromo said, "we decided that if we had to spend another night in the cold, we had to gather together a lot of brush and leaves to use for cover because it was too uncomfortable and impractical to use each other for blankets, and it made it hard to get to sleep."

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