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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coromo, parts 548 - 551

548. "But the following night the branches and leaves were insufficient and we had to resort to the blankets again, but I said my prayers all night and finally got to sleep about six o'clock in the morning."

549. "The next  day," Coromo said, "I went off and had a long talk with God about my situation. I said, "God, Grandmother always said that no mater what trials we encounter in life, you will give us the strength in get through those trials. Now I want to ask you, was she correct about this, because if she was then I expect those other sisters to get back here before the sun goes down tonight."

550. But the sun went down without the sisters coming back, but that night Coromo and the woman slept soundly all night, only waking up for a short time at midnight, and then again at 1:30, at 3 :30. again at 4, and then again at five. At about five-thirty Coromo was sitting with his back against the tree smoking a cigarette, the woman was again sound asleep, when he heard the sound of a helicopter approaching.

551. "Listen Aunt Jemima", the Duck said, "This is all very interesting, but what has this missing story out of Boccaccio's 'Decameron'  got to do with floor moping and expressionistic painting." Everything," replied Aunt Jemima, "but just let me finish my story and don't  interrupt me."

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