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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Buboni Resurrected, parts 484 - 487

484. And does the fact that Arnold was incorrect about the origin of certain works of art invalidate his theories? If Einstein mistook smelts for trout in the fish market would it invalidate the theory of relativity? There are some who would say so, because that is how they like to reason.

485. But that is the sort of reasoning you find practiced by the back stabbers, or as Albert put it so eloquently, ' in academia we have no back stabbers, what we have are 'front stabbers'.

486. When the Duck finished this revelation about Buboni, and his status in France, we all turned to Albert to see what his reaction would be, but he was none too pleased.

487. "It is all a sham is what it is. The French are not really interested in art theories, it is just that they hate the English, and like to take this sort of opportunity to embrace whatever the English have rejected. It all boils down to the Joan of Arc thing, or perhaps the business with Napoleon." Thus Buboni dismissed his academic resurrection. "As far as my days as an art historian, they are over, I am never going to go down that road again."

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