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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coromo, parts 552 - 555

552. The three sisters were reunited in the middle of the wood, and it did not take two seconds for the sisters who had been absent to figure out in great detail exactly what had happened while they were gone, and they figured it out by means of facial expressions that had been in use between them since their high school days.

553. Coromo and the sisters returned to the resort, where everyone received a very abbreviated explanation of what had happened. Soon the sisters went back to their homes in America and over the next year you can imagine how the resort, and their next vacation was a frequent topic of conversation among 

554. The following year they again went horseback riding with Coromo, and with a specific purpose; they wanted to visit his village and see first hand how natives in that part of the world lived. They were expecting to see grass huts, but what they found were primitive shacks all in clusters, naked children, and a lot of old people suffering various ailments with hardly any cloths on.

555. The sisters discussed what they had seen. They were moved to their depths, not with pity or compassion, but with curiosity, and a desire to somehow connect with the villagers, but they wanted to do this in a non-condescending way. So they hit upon a plan, they decided to return again with simple gifts for the children, very basic obvious things that the children they knew took for granted.

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