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Monday, August 27, 2012

Coromo, parts 540 - 543

540. The horse, realizing that Coromo did not know anything about horsemanship, headed for his stall many miles away.  The sisters were in a quandary, they had no idea where they were, no idea how to get back, and no idea of the condition of their guide, and so did not dare to move him.

541. Now, about these sisters, they were not the sort to panic in an emergency, they sat down on the ground and drew up a plan. The first sister would head up the path looking for the village their guide had been talking about, the second sister would go back down the path to the resort on the coast to get some help. The third sister would stay with Coromo, who was alive and well, but knocked out cold at the foot of a tree.

542. What happened next I only know about because Coromo told me about it some time later. He said he came to in the evening and at first did not know where he was or what was happening. The woman who was with him explained what had happened and, from the look of things, he had a concussion.  Night fell and it became very cold.

543. Coromo and the woman figured that since it had taken them three hours to get to the place they were, they could not expect any help until very late at night, and meanwhile it became colder and colder.

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