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Friday, September 27, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2228 - 2231

 2228. Whenever a dog is possessed by one of the immortals it is obvious that he must not be just an ordinary dog. I am sure if we delve into his biography it will prove to be interesting. But meanwhile, I feel that I am monopolizing the discussion, and lets turn the stage over to Jemima, and ask her to tell us more about Coromo, seeing as he is the other modern Odysseus in our stories.

 2229. “Well,” said Jemima, “what happened next was that Coromo’s Grandmother had a stroke and lost the ability to speak for almost two weeks. After that she became very anxious to get her affairs in order, because she started to think it would not be too long before she would be going to have lunch with her creator.”

 2230. Of late she had been troubled by Coromo’s behavior. She had heard various stories in the village about how Coromo was selling paintings to the tourists and that he had made two hundred dollars from the sale of one picture. Grandmother did not believe the story of the sale of the painting, and furthermore, she took a negative view of the painting of pictures in general.

2231. If Coromo had been painting pictures for his own enjoyment, and giving them as gifts to his relatives she would have had no objection, but hanging them up in a restaurant and selling them to tourists struck here as the Devil’s work.

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