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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2232 - 2235

 2232. What was devilish about selling paintings to tourists she did not know and could not say. It was an instinctive reaction. Her suspicion was that any serious interaction with the tourists was bound to lead to Coromo’s soul being corrupted.

 2233. So Grandmother sent Coromo a note asking him to come to see her because she had been feeling poorly, and wanted to tell him something. The next thing she did was to send her favorite niece down to the town on the coast in order for her to close out her savings account and bring her all the money she had in the world home in one of those nice white envelopes, the kind which are just slightly larger than a dollar bill.

 2234. On Coromo’s day off he went to visit his Grandmother, and found her in bed at about two in the afternoon. The first thing he noticed about her was how colorless her face looked, just like someone had photo-shopped all the red out of her cheeks. Although her speech had come back she still had a little trouble with her tongue, and had to  speak very slowly.

2235. Grandmother was agitated because she had prepared a long lecture in her mind to deliver to Coromo. Over the past week she had developed this lecture into various topics with sub-headings, footnotes, and quotes from the Bible, but when the time came to deliver her lecture it did not work out the way she had imagined it.

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