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Monday, September 16, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2184 - 2187

 2184. Otis had no intention of harming the greyhound and he could tell that the audience would not allow it but nevertheless be paraded himself around the pit like a Roman gladiator waiting for the sign from the crowd as to how to dispose of his advisory. Remo was immediately hoisted out of the ring and delivered to his owner who proceeded to groom him all over with a little comb.

 2185. Far into the evening Otis’ behavior had led from one success to another, but in each contest he was pitted against ever more formidable adversaries, and his situation finally became extremely tenuous. He had been able throughout the evening to disguise his abilities and confuse the audience, but he realized that the moment of truth was fast approaching.

 2186.  All of his combats had been highly entertaining, and in each he introduced some comic twist, but this was an audience not to be satisfied with humor. In the end they were an unsavory type that only could be satisfied with blood. 

2187. Otis, seeing the end of the evening approach was not surprised to see a monstrous older dog, hero of many combats, taken out of his cage and up to the ring. Here was a dog not to be tricked into being part of an entertainment. A humorless dog, devoid of intelligence. A dog who viewed all other animals as his enemies, solitary and evil looking like a paid executioner. He was names Leon, but he was not anything like a lion, but more like an irritated rhinoceros.

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