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Monday, September 30, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2240 - 2243

 2240. When this minute was up she would ask a further question about some minute aspect of her patients ailment, and after that she would send the person away with no directions, prescriptions, or recommendations. About two days later she would seek out the patient and rephrase something the sufferer had said, being careful to use their exact words. After that she would suggest that they memorize some specific Bible passage, one somehow related to the ailment.

 2241. It was Grandmother’s ability to remember the things her patients had said and her ability to repeat what was said days later that so impressed her clients, and it was this, more than anything else that convinced them that Grandmother had special abilities.

 2242. Now you know yourself that when one gets sick, after about two weeks one gets better again, that is always the way it is, especially with the flu. And even with the chronic illnesses with painful symptoms that never go away, one always becomes accustomed to the discomfort, and so it also stops being such a problem. 

2243. The forgoing being so, Grandmother’s success rate was about one hundred percent. There were a few clients, off and on, who happened to die under her care, but once dead, they were very reluctant to complain of her services. This was the reason she had accumulated a sum of money in a savings account, and now it was her intent to bequeath it to Coromo.

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