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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2160 - 2163

 2160. After waiting many hours in anxious anticipation the Rooster had the door of his little cage opened and he was dumped head first into the dog fighting ring. He was all alone in a pit about four feet deep, and about twelve feet in diameter. The pit, being round offered no corner to back into and its walls were made up of rectangular plates of iron. 

 2161. The audience looked on in anticipation, but no rival Rooster appeared, instead Otis was unhooked from his leash, and pushed into the pit. It was late in the evening, many contests had been fought, blood and dirt soiled the floor of the little arena. About fifteen-seconds went by during which time the two friends thought over what they were to do.

 2162. Hesitantly they began their usual performance. The Rooster took two steps in the direction of Otis, and Otis showed his teeth, but nevertheless took two steps timidly back. The audience could not believe its eyes. Finally the Rooster leaped from his spot right up upon Otis’ head and began furiously pecking him all over the top of his head, being careful to be as violent as he possible could without however actually letting his beak come into contact with Otis’ unblemished skin.

2163. The audience did not understand that what they were seeing was an act, a performance created for their entertainment. There was nothing about the event that would have given it away especially because it was not rehearsed, but improvised on the spot. Otis, for example, noticing the iron walls of the ring, made a point to crash blindly into the walls with the rooster on his head, and each time he banged into the walls, the Rooster would nearly lose his balance, and come close to falling off.

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