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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2148 - 2151

 2148. Finally, after several nights of suspense, the Rooster was placed in a large cage and taken out to the dog fighting arena. A rooster was not an unusual sight at such an event because cock fighting was just as interesting to the audience as any dog contest. That the Rooster was alone only created the expectation that more roosters would be arriving shortly.

 2149. About an hour later Otis arrived. He was not on a leash, and not in a cage. He accompanied the Fowler in the same way as any handsome extremely obedient well-trained dog would, and it goes without saying that all of the ladies in attendance made much of him and wanted to pet him and feed him treats.

 2150. The idea that he might be ripped apart later did not concern them. Many of the fighting dog’s owners came with many dogs, some to fight, but others to be displayed as curious exotic breeds, winners of medals in training contests, and not in any way involved in the fighting in the ring.

2151. When these tame, placid dogs were brought to the dog fighting arena for the first time it was a long while before they could get over their abject terror and confusion.  Try as their owners might, these tame show dogs shook in terror, and it was a pitiful sight to see their fear.

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