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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2204 - 2207

 2204. One of those cats will raise his back up in the air to make himself appear bigger, and at the same time put a paw up displaying his claws. But the other cat, not the least perturbed, flops down on the pavement and intently begins to clean some especially dirty spot in his fur.

 2205. Do you have any doubts about the outcome of this contest. The fight may take only two-seconds, you may not be able to determine who strikes first, but that cat who was cleaning the dirt from his side will turn out to be victorious, and the other cat that was full of posturing threats will be the one to run away with one half an ear the less.

 2206.  Such it was, such it is, and such it will always be. Otis was not afraid of Leon, and Leon was too dumb and strong to understand his danger, and so making a guttural noise he attempted to leap onto Otis in order to make short work of him, but when he landed Otis was in a different spot altogether, and still cleaning himself in a methodical way. You would have had to be watching very carefully to have seen Otis move, if you blinked you would have missed it.

2207. This maneuver was repeated over and over again until Leon became so tired he could hardly stand on his feet, but Otis had no intention of attacking him, he simply felt sorry for him. “Why,” he thought to himself, “would I ever want to harm this big, sad, lout of an angry dog. God willing his owners will retire him while he still has a part of his brains left to enjoy some little peace and quiet.”

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