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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2136 - 2139

 2136. For three nights the Rooster and Otis listened to the dog fights going on in the distance and finally the Rooster could stand it no longer and he said. “Otis, do you know what it is that is going on out there.”

2137. “From the sound of it,” replied Otis, “right now a small bulldog had a German Shepherd by the fur of his neck and is slowly tightening his grip little by little. The Shepherd will probably be dead in about two or three minutes unless the owners of the dogs disrupt the fight.”

2138. As for the bulldog, his front left leg is broken in two places but he is not aware of it yet because he is so involved in the struggle to kill the Shepherd. The last thing he wants to do is kill the Shepherd since outside of the pit they are quite good friends.

2139. The bulldog does not know his leg is broken because he has not had any of his feet on the ground for two minutes as he is hanging from his advisory’s neck and his paws do not reach the ground. The Shepherd has tried three times to pull his neck free of the bulldogs grip, but has not succeeded.

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