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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Grandmother, parts 2236 - 2239

 2236. She found that she had to translate her entire lecture into the fourteen or fifteen words she was capable of uttering, but first she gave Coromo the envelope with her life savings in it. Coromo, being the polite boy he was put the envelope in his shirt pocket without looking in it. Grandmother had been in the habit of giving him two dollars whenever he visited her.

 2237. He noticed that the envelope was a rather thick one, but he ignored it for the moment and turned his full attention to what his Grandmother was about to try to tell him. 

 2238. Before we recount what Grandmother told Coromo I would like to answer the question, “Where did Grandmother get so much money, that she was able to give Coromo two dollars whenever he came to see her?” Her money came from gifts she received from all of the various village population whom she regularly healed of all their various ailments. 

2239. She was so good at the profession of being the village Doctor that you could not have induced her neighbors to go to the clinic down in the town even if you paid them. Grandmother’s method consisted of listening to everything her sick patients said with an excess of concentration, and after they were done speaking she said nothing for a full minute with a look of extreme concentration on her face.

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