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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2180 - 2183

 2180. The 91 Psalm did the trick for Remo, all of his fears fled away in an instant, he took a deep breath, relaxed, and prepared to meet his maker. But you know as well as I do that no harm was going to come to him. He was not born into the lap of luxury by accident, he was born that way because he had a curious destiny to fulfill. 

 2181. The first thing Otis did was to show Remo his teeth, pulling his upper lip up in that fantastically menacing way that wolves have. What is so frightening about the exposure of those teeth is not the long sharp fans over on the left and the right sides of their smile, but it is the very little teeth in between because they look like the serrated edges of a stake knife. The fangs look like death, but the little teeth seem to suggest dismemberment.

 2182. The spectators did not notice that Otis also flicked his right ear three times to the left and then shivered all over. Remo put one paw on top of the other for a split second, and then Otis repeated his gesture with his ear. Only a dog would understand what these signs and symbols meant.

2183. Since it was strictly a dog sign-language it is impossible for me to explain what they were saying to each other in the few seconds before they began to fight, but the result was that although they raised a lot of dust, flipped each other upside down in the dirt, and made terrible noises, neither sustained as much as a scratch in the combat. At a certain prearranged moment the little greyhound threw himself on his back and exposing his neck for the kill.

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