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Friday, September 13, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2172 - 2175

 2172. As you might imagine, the first few seconds after Remo landed in the pit face to face with Otis were the most painful and terrifying of his short and blissful life. Remo had been born into luxury and at no time in his two years of existence had he ever gone hungry or had to feel cold or uncomfortable. When he sat down it was on a cushion edged with silk, and when he ate it was from a silver plate with his name engraved on it.

 2173.  His water bowl was part of a Chinese porcelain collection from some famous dynasty, I don’t recall which one. Whenever Remo was taken for a drive in his owner’s carriage it never crossed his mind than he was more fortunate than other dogs. The town in which he was born and where he grew up was large and had many a half-starved dog wandering around in the streets, but Remo hardly noticed them as he passed them. His good fortune he took as simply a fact of life.    

 2174. For Remo the world was ordered thus: he should be well taken care of and pampered and his every need instantly attended to, and all other dogs lived lesser lives, and most dogs had a life of near starvation and desperation. Why things were arrange in this way he gave no more thought that the Czars of ancient Russia wondered if they should be decked out in ermine from their cradles. 

2175. This was how God arranged it and who was Remo, or for that matter Ivan the Terrible to question the will of their creator. Remo and Ivan found the world arranged in a certain way, and no more thought to question it than they would question why a certain river flows into the sea. And since God had arranged it that way they liked Him very much, and needless to say they were very devout, and attended church services regularly.

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