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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2164 - 2167

 2164. Like the drunk at the circus who mounts a show horse and then is carried around the ring at top speed falling almost off the rump, and then almost off the neck, finally the drunk stands up on the galloping horse’s back and exhibits his skill as a horseman, so the Rooster rode Otis around the pit, but never letting the audience know that it was all a trick.

 2165. The audience of the dog fighting arena was not like the audiences of the theatrical performances however. When it was a theatrical event the audience knew it was a gag and they responded with convulsive laughter. But the dog fighting fans did not laugh at all, they presumed it was for real. To them Otis appeared to be a pathetic idiot dog, and the Rooster, a ridiculous braggart. Their only though was about who to pit Otis against next. 

 2166. The choice of the heartless audience fell to the lot of a hapless Italian Greyhound, and the spectators insisted that the shy timid thing should be pitted against Otis in the ring of death. One cannot imagine a more inappropriate dog for the dog fight than an Italian Greyhound, especially Remo, which was this one’s name.

2167. The Italian Greyhound is a very small version of the racing greyhound. He is not so small as to be considered a toy dog. Like all small dogs, he had very large and protruding eyes. All small dogs seem to have those large eyes as if dogs come in every imaginable size, but for the eyes there is only one size available and must be used for all of them.

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