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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2132 - 2135

 2132. A crow will attach himself to a wolf for mutual advantage. The crow scans the woods for the prey, and then after the kill is rewarded with the remains protected from other scavengers by the wolf. The wolf crow association is logical, and often they will be mated for life. But the association of a wolf and a rooster is unheard of.

 2133. But consider what Otis and the Rooster had been up to. They were fellow actors in a series of skits they had invented all on their own. Added to this, these were skits that were improvised every time they were preformed. The best, the most perfect, and the deepest connection that can exist between two beings is the one born of the impromptu duet performance.

 2134. You must picture in your mind what it must entail when two people are able to improvise a piece of music that they have composed together. In the playing of such a work, the souls of the performers connect in the most intimate way possible. A musician will tell you: it is more pleasurable than...anything else you might care to name.

2135. Such was the intimate connection of the Rooster and the wolf. Best friends, and collaborators in creative endeavors. Only one thing was lacking: Otis rather completely understood the Rooster, but the Rooster had only a dim comprehension of the true character of the wolf. 

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