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Friday, September 6, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2144 - 2147

 2144. But I know you will not believe a word of this because how could a wolf’s hearing be so superior your own hearing? That would be an impossibility. Just look at those wolf ears as they twitch around and focus at the tiniest event in the environment. Now try to twitch your ears around a little. No, you can’t twitch your ears, your ears are an earlier model that evolution stopped bothering with a few million years ago.

 2145. But that is all right you don’t really need to hear what is going on in the world, it isn’t necessary. But for us Ducks, and the rest of the animal kingdom, is a serious necessity.

 2146. Otis could see that the Rooster thought he was just making up stories as an entertainment to pass the time, but on the other hand the Rooster’s anxiety was real and Otis did not have any idea what to do about it. As it tuned out, the Rooster was in no danger right then, and neither was Otis.

2147. The Fowler had paid close attention to their performances before he kidnapped them, and he had no intention of eating a talented mime for dinner, or subjecting a dog playwright to the fangs of a Mastiff. There talents were going to save them, but they did not know this as of yet as they sat in the wagon listening to the ominous sounds of the dog fights.

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