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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2140 - 2143

 2140. Now I am waiting to see if the Shepard will manage to do the only thing that will save his life. He has to bang that little bulldog so hard against the metal wall of the pit that the wind will be knocked out of him and he will have to open his jaws sufficiently to get enough air.

 2141. How, you ask, along with the Rooster, could Otis know all the details of the dog fight when he couldn’t see it at all. Like the Rooster, you must imagine that Otis is making all of it up on the spur of the moment, just to entertain the Rooster. The truth is that a wolf’s ears are like a telephoto lens. A telephoto lens on a camera can screw down so that one can see just a person’s eyebrow at a great distance away.

 2142. But when a telephoto lens shows you just the eyebrow, you can’t at the same time see the chin of the figure, the rest of the face is outside the frame of the picture. So, as you look at the eyebrow in the viewer, no matter how extremely loud the shirt the figure is wearing is, you can’t see it at all, unless you re-focus your lens.

2143. Such then is the mechanism of the ear of the wolf, he can focus his hearing to a tiny area, and in that area hear every detail of the sound that is emanating from that specific zone, and if to the side by one foot there is a brass band playing, none of the sound of that band will make it into the ears of Otis.

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