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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Snare Of The Fowler, parts 2176 - 2179

 2176. Yes, Remo was a very religious dog. If you find this surprising then you have not been paying attention to our story. You will remember when we first met Otis we were informed that he, like all ancient wolves was a pagan, and he was part of a pack of the ancient Roman wolves in which pagan practices had been preserved for a thousand years.

 2177. Also, you will recall the dogs in the village Otis had to spy on were all Christian dogs, and had converted to Christianity may generations ago. So when Otis faced Remo in the dog ring, it looked like it was going to be not just a contest of one dog against another, but a contest of two conflicting theologies. 

2178. When Remo landed in the dog ring face to face with Otis and had to fathom in his little brain that he was expected to fight Otis to the death, his entire world, and all the ideas he had about life came crashing down around him, and all the assumptions he had lived with were not just called into question, but positively destroyed. It was a very bad few moments for him. 

2179. Remo, being terrified, did the one thing you or I would do if we thought our life was about to end. He started praying as fast as he could. Lots of different phrases of the prayers he had heard all his life flashed through his mind, jumbled up one on top of another, but then he said to himself, “Surly he will deliver me from the snare of the fowler.” It was a line from the 91st Psalm.

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