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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Schism, parts 3654 - 3657

3654. It took Alexis almost a full minute to recover from the blow, and even when he realized what had happened he could not quite believe it because it was so unexpected. As he regained his balance he could see clearly that his opponent had every intention of striking him again, since he was dancing before him, back and forth, with his fists forming small circles in the air.

3655. If you had asked Alexis what happened next, he could not have told you because he did not really know. One has to admit that ones body knows a great many things of which we are entirely ignorant. Our organs go about their business and never consult our conscious mind for direction or advice. The liver, the spleen, and the kidneys know just what to do all day and night, and even seem to have back up plans in place for emergency situations. 

 3656. It should not surprise anyone to hear that the body knows how to protect itself from an adversary, and will do so without the delay and inconvenience of consulting the conscious mind for directions and advice.

3657. As a matter of fact, when such consultation and advice is sought, it is almost always of no use, and even interferes with the smooth operations of  ones instinctive defense mechanisms that are inherent in people in the same degree as in any crocodile.

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