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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Schism, parts 3687 - 3690

 3687. The news of the death of Aunt Marfa was brought to Harriett just after dinner on Saturday evening. It was a late dinner, with a few guests from a neighboring estate. When the dinner was over the men retired to their smoking room and the women sat down to a game of cards in the Lavender Room. The Lavender room was actually papered in pale yellow with vertical pink stripes alternating with miniature rosebuds.

 3688. The room had been lavender at one time, or so everyone thought, because the lavender color could be seen here and there where the yellow paper had chipped. The furniture was also upholstered in yellow, with white painted wood frames. Gold was not used on the furniture because it seemed to disappear and be rendered to no effect against the yellow of the walls.

 3689. You might picture the room to yourself as being about 15 feet in length and width, but with a ceiling 18 feet high. This oddly vertical looking room presented a problem to the interior designers who decorated it, but was solved with the use of a huge chandelier hung far down from the ceiling that nicely lowered the visual effect of the ceiling's height.

3690. The windows were of the floor to ceiling variety, and were so huge and awkward looking they had been covered with crimson maroon drapes of a thick velvet material through which not the slightest light could pass.

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