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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Schism, parts 3626 - 3629

 3626. I think especially of the little toenail on the foot of a baby that was the child of a servant in my father’s house. One time when she was nursing her baby I happened to notice his little foot peeping out from under its wrapping. It was a very bright pudgy, pink foot, and the nails were very small.

 3627. Now you would think that in the construction of a tiny child’s foot there might not be too much detail in the nails, but getting down on my hands and knees I took a close look at the child’s nails, and they were just as perfectly shaped as you could imagine. Michelangelo himself, or even Donatello could never have carved a more perfect toenail, even if they had been involved in a competition. 

 2628. That little serf boy when he was ten was taken away from his mother to be the doorman for the coach of one of the ministers of state. His job it was to jump down from the back of the box and open the door for the minister’s wife. The wife of the minister had a special liking for that boy because all of her children, all three of them, had died just after they were born.

3629. His name was Alexis, and it was the special delight of the minister’s wife to design all his uniforms and hve them made by her own personal tailor. There was not just one of these uniforms but several, yellow with gold trim, dark blue with crimson stripe down the leg, and that sort of thing. Whenever these new clothes were delivered she would call for Alexis, and then, with the assistance of the tailor and her maid, she would dress him up like a favorite doll.

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