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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Schism, parts 3606 - 3609

  van Gogh's copy of Rembrandt's "The Raising Of Lazarus"

3606. Just consider Lazarus for example. God wanted to create an irrefutable miracle by not only raising the man, but also by puttingit off for a few days first. The business of waiting a few days created tremendous theatrical effect. It is one thing to raise the dead when they’re still warm, but what if they have been embalmed and all that, it would have to be seen as a tour-de-force of dead raising.

 3607. But how do you think Lazarus might have felt about it. How, I ask you, how would you like to be buried alive and left in the cold hard ground in a cheap box for a few days, and then someone digs you up and gives you a nice drink of cold water. And, meanwhile, he could have dug you out sooner, perhaps after a few hours. But no, he had to wait three days for the effect, so it could be the most famous and talked about miracle ever.

 3608.I think Lazarus might have tried to act appreciative, and put on a show about how great it was, but I suspect he was a bit resentful about the entire thing.

3609. So do you understand me when I say that those people who die and then get raised up again are certainly never quite normal after that, and probably could often be seen, pondering and confused, with a troubled looks on their faces, uttering sarcastic bitter comments to the pavement as they walk their road alone.

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